Heisman Race? Not Much of a Race Right Now

The talks about the Heisman race and BCS National Championship are the two things you’re hearing all over the place in the college football world.  The question of who should win the Heisman is a popular one, but if we’re going off of numbers, it’s not much of a race, as you can tell from the image below.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 4.30.06 PM

Manziel has been, without a doubt, the best player on the field this year.  While Marcus Mariota could put up a good argument due to the fact that he has no interceptions, he simply couldn’t do anything against Stanford, and that’s going to hurt his stock badly.

As it’s been previously stated here, I’m ON the Manziel bandwagon fully, even though I was completely on the other side of things just before this season.  He’s shut his mouth, and just started playing.  Manziel has the potential to be a serious player at the next level, and with how much he’s had to do for A&M this year, it’s no surprise that his stock his rising.

One issue that I do see for Manziel’s chase for the Heisman is his final two games.  The team plays the LSU Tigers IN LSU, and the Missouri Tigers IN Mizzou.  The team is 8-2 right now, in large part thanks to Manziel, but he’ll need some help from the defense to avoid being 8-4.  Going 9-3 and obviously 10-2 should lock up the Heisman for Manziel as long as he continues to play like he has, at least in my non-expert opinion.

Johnny Manziel is Changing the Game

Are you going to sit there and tell me that if you were flipping through the channels on Saturday looking at the college football schedule, and you saw the Texas A&M game that you wouldn’t stop to see if Manziel and A&M had the ball?  I guarantee you would.  Johnny Manziel is changing the game.

Love him, hate him, envy him, want to see him fail, or want to see him succeed, he’s legit.  Manziel just goes out, goes to work, and makes people look ridiculous while he’s doing it.  But why exactly is Manziel changing the game?  The attention that he’s brought to A&M is huge.


I read a stat that related to how much money the football program has brought in (from boosters I believe?) and that it was up around $700,000.  This is a number that was more than doubled, and possibly even tripled since Manziel has been at A&M.  It’s so much more than that though.

Manziel helped Texas A&M’s athletic department make $120 million in revenue, which was the sixth best out there, in large part thanks to merchandise.  The A&M bookstore sold out of 2,500 Manziel jerseys last December.  Just to keep it rolling, he has brought in media exposure that is estimated to be worth nearly $37 million from las November to January 2013, which was the time when Manziel won the Heisman and his team won the Cotton Bowl.  Oh, and A&M splits a cool $7.45 million for playing in that game.

Guess how much the booster program auctioned off a dinner with Manziel for?  Go ahead and guess, because you probably came up short.  It was $20k.  The 12th Man Foundation made $20k just so someone could eat dinner with Johnny Manziel.  This guy is a marketing dream, because he just keeps talking, and he just keeps backing it up.

I wasn’t for it, any of it, at first.  But Manziel is doing his thing on the field, and as long as this doesn’t cause on the field drama (or locker room drama), and he keeps helping his team get wins, then what is there to really hate?  Manziel is fun to watch, and I’ll keep watching and keep rooting for (and probably betting on) Texas A&M.

NFL, NCAAFB, NBA, NCAABB…It’s About to ALL Be Back!

….just like I’m finally back.  I took a nice hiatus, and I can’t guarantee I’ll be on here much.  I’m crazy busy running the VIP Profits site over at BettingBlogger.com.  Definitely not complaining though, because that’s about as close as you can get to a dream job right?  Also opening a business here within the next few months, so I’ll be slammed.

With all of that being said, it left me to think about what I really wanted SportsSpiel to be.  I looked into trying to monetize the site, but it just wasn’t worth it, and it wouldn’t be as enjoyable.  So I’m just going to be on here to have some fun from time to time.  Post some things that I enjoyed, things that made me laugh, and probably make fun of different things sports related.

Appreciate everyone who still follows me on Twitter and on WordPress…I’ll do my best to keep it entertaining!

VIDEO- 2013 Fantasy Football 12 Team Draft- Pick 5

This is one of the many leagues I’ve done so far and I decided to video the first few rounds of my draft and give a little bit of insight.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Best Second Year Starting Quarterback in the NFL?

You know what one of the best parts about this coming NFL season is?  The talks about which 2nd year starting quarterback will be the best.  In this group I’m including Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick.  Kaep is a third year player, but it’s his second year starting, so let’s count it.  When you look at the list, you see a group of players who are all very smart, and honestly, should have great seasons all around.  Kaepernick definitely has the best team in my opinion, with Wilson being a close second.  Griffin and Luck are really massive parts of their team’s success though, so it could end up making them the winner of this conversation when all is said and done.

For Luck, it’s just about continuing that connection with Reggie Wayne, but most importantly, I think he needs to use Ahmad Bradshaw out of the backfield whenever he’s in trouble.  If Bradshaw can stay away from the injury bug then I think he was a complete steal for the Colts.  These three quarterbacks were the talk of the league last year, and Luck’s ability to help lead the Colts back to the playoffs was ridiculous.  This team went from being a complete bottom feeder to a playoff team thanks to great coaching, and yes, great leadership from their young, quarterback of the future.

I’ve read many things that say that Kaep is the pick of these four, but I’m not on board just yet.  He had a great season last year, and he’s a great player, but I do have worries.  Kaepernick doesn’t have too much on the wide receiver front due to a ton of injuries, so he’s going to need to pull a Robert Griffin III when it comes to playing with very few options in the passing game.  Fortunately for Kaepernick though, the 49ers are a Super Bowl team without a doubt in my mind.  They have a ridiculous defense, which is something that only he and Russell Wilson can say that their teams have.


How about Russell Wilson by the way?  I’m an NC State fan and I’m insanely glad to see Wilson doing this.  He turned down a professional baseball contract to pursue the NFL, and for everyone who said he’s too short, he’s showing you alllllll up.  Wilson does a little bit of everything, and he controls the game.  The guy doesn’t make mistakes, he got better as the year went on, and he’s an insanely good leader.  I love Russell Wilson, and you can call it a man crush if you want to.  This guy could be the sneaky pick out of the four quarterbacks to be the best second year starter in the NFL, mainly because of those on-field smarts….he’s even got the off-field smarts for those who are curious.

R.G.I.I.I. What can I say about you aside from the fact that you single handedly carried me through my fantasy season last year?  I can’t complain about the mediocre playoff showing though, because you were probably the only reason I was in the playoffs at all.  This guy can flat out play, and I’m really not concerned about his knee at all.  He looks good to go and we are still a full two and a half to three weeks until the start of the season, which is really impressive.  Griffin is another smart player just like all three guys above, but he needs to avoid taking those big hits as much as possible so that he doesn’t get into any more injury issues.  Griffin does it all, he just flat out gets after it.


What’s so crazy about these four players is that they can all do it with both their arm and their legs.  They have so much talent and should all be so good.  I really don’t see any of the four falling on their face in their second year as starters, but that’s not what I wrote this article for.  I wrote this to decide which second year quarterback will be the best of them.  With that being said, my decision is set on Russell Wilson.  I think that Wilson is going to avoid turnovers yet again and do an incredible job leading this offense.  He was completely poised in year one, and that’ll happen again in year two.  Look for a huge year from Wilson, and a huge year from the Seahawks as well.

Now, he’s not my fantasy pick out of the four though, as that one is going to go to Colin Kaepernick due to his ability to run the ball, and also the fact that while they have Frank Gore, he is getting older and older, meaning that Kaep should be more and more involved.  On a side note, I love Griffin to be a close second to Kaepernick though.  Griffin’s knee honestly just isn’t a concern in my mind.  I don’t think that the team would let their quarterback go out there unless he really as 100%, especially after the scrutiny that they took last year from letting him play when he was already hurt.